Our feedback is always exceptional because we always love what we do and our work always reflects that.

 thorough development, uses people and analytical skills very well

 the customer feels that they own the solution rather than having it imposed upon them

 a real asset and a pleasure to work with

 excellent, always trying to keep the developers communicating

 unique way of looking at things makes a great asset

 happy to help with any problems

 a phenomenal support during our project

 a good team work ethic and an ability to be customer focussed

 strong technical ability balanced excellently with positive interpersonal skills

“When working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve 
 the problem.
But when I've finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it's wrong.”

midu thinks imaginatively

midu was created from developers, business analysts and designers who had became aware of the predilection for offshoring work and consequently adding management layers to cope.

We've noticed that projects have begun to swell to the point where no one knows who does what on the project. Our belief is that we need to roll-back this mess and start again!

Everyone we employ is an expert in their field. We employ only those people whose work we know to be outstanding.

midu people are outstanding

We employ one (and only one) project manager, the remaining members of the team will be:

Business analyst (to sit with the users/senior users to describe what is needed)

Developers to build the project in communication with the analysts

Designer to ensure the system is elegant and easy to use

Testers to confirm the system not only fits the requirememts, but is effortless to use

Trainers who will have experience of training and be great at communication.

Elegant solutions delivered on time, on shore with excellence and for an honest price. Pay for the development, not excessive management.

midu specialises in

 Bespoke Remedy (BMC Action Request System) development and integration

midu projects will

 Deliver what is needed
(not just what was asked for)

 Be fairly priced

 Deliver a robust solution

 Communicate honestly